Lore Sage
Create Unforgettable Worlds, Unleash Endless Possibilities
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What is Lore Sage?
Lore Sage is a groundbreaking tool that brings your fantasy worlds to life.
With your creative input, Lore Sage transforms your ideas into immersive settings teeming with diverse landscapes, rich histories, and compelling storylines. As a Dungeon Master, you can now focus on weaving together the tales of your player characters, while Lore Sage expertly handles the intricate details of the setting itself.
Experience the ultimate freedom in storytelling and world-building with Lore Sage at your side.
How do I get started?
Embark on your Lore Sage journey by creating a free account.
As a welcome gift, new users receive 5 complimentary generation tokens to explore the platform.
To continue enjoying the magic of Lore Sage, purchase additional generation tokens as you need them. Paid users will also gain access to upcoming features like character and adventure generation, crafted just for devoted storytellers like you, as we develop them.
What's next?
Currently in beta, Lore Sage is committed to delivering the ultimate world-building experience.
Our passionate team is hard at work, developing the next exciting phases of character and adventure generation.
Stay tuned as we continue to expand our horizons, bringing even more depth and wonder to your tabletop RPG adventures.